Sunday, November 24, 2013

Week 2!

One thing that I have learned about blogging is that I am not very good at it! I do not update it as often as I would like. I will try to do better the rest of the time that I am here!

My second week in Barcelona wasn't as amazing as my first week because I got very sick. Last weekend it rained every day, but we didn't let that stop us! We explored the city and saw the most amazing things, however, in return it made most of us sick. Being sick in another country is hard. I wasn't around any of the things that comfort me when I am sick back home. I didn't have my sick blanket to curl up in, or my cat to snuggle with, and most importantly I didn't have my mom. The medicine here is also in Spanish. If it wasn't for my host mom buying me the right medicine and taking care of me, I would probably still be sick. 

School this week was much better than last week! Last week the school was celebrating Santa Isabel, the saint of their school. It was much like a homecoming week in America. There we're 4 teams, red, blue, green, and yellow. It wasn't a normal school week and the children were very excited and not that interested in school. This week I got to see a normal school day at the school. I loved it! I love all of my students and I actually had fun teaching 6th grade! After school on Monday it was raining so I came home and tutored the children. After school on Tuesday I did not feel well so I just came home and rested. Wednesday after school, all of us American teachers went to Football Club Barcelona (the soccer stadium). It was very cool! Thursday I was more sick than I have been in a while. I had to leave school early because I was extremely dizzy and light headed. As you can imagine, all I did for the rest of that day was sleep. Luckily after taking a lot of medicine I woke up Friday feeling a lot better. Friday was Brittany Madden's birthday so we all went out for lunch at a place called Burritos. It was delicious! I am definitely going to have to eat there again before I leave. 

My weekend was incredible! My host family owns a house in the mountains that separate Spain and France. Their house is on the France side of the mountain. I got to go there Friday night and spend the day there on Saturday. The views were breathtaking! There was also a lot of snow! It went up past my ankles! It was beautiful! I also got to eat a fresh French croissant and it was the best croissant I have ever had! When we left I fell asleep in the car, an hour later or so later when I woke up we were at the beach. It blows my mind how so many beautiful places can all be in one place! The Mediterranean sea is gorgeous! We got there as the sun was starting to set so the sky made it even more gorgeous! Today I am going to see Park Quell and I am very excited!

Barcelona is such a magical place. I would love to live here! If I could, I would move here tomorrow and bring all of my friends and family with me! Everybody should come here and experience living in such a wonderful place. I only have two weeks left here and although I am excited to get back and see my friends and family, and graduate, I don't want to leave. 

I cannot wait to see what this coming week holds for me. Next weekend I am off to Paris! I can't wait!

Kisses from Spain,

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